proximity kitchensystem® Inserts

Type: Accessories

These stainless steel Inserts are off-the-shelf steam table pans that are available in a wide variety of internationally-standardized sizes and depths (Gastronorm), as well as two perforation patterns.  They can go directly from prep to oven or magnetic induction cooktop.  Our selections fit both proximity kitchensystem® Standard and Premium Carriers.  Also available a la carte are flat stainless steel Lids with flush handles that cover the Inserts of matching size.  We recommend and sell only Vollrath® pans because of their consistent high quality.  If purchased through our website as part of a Package, these items will be drop-shipped to you separately.  You can also purchase them from major restaurant supply houses.


Please click on the links below to see our selection of Inserts and Lids at the Vollrath® website: