Seven reasons to own the proximity kitchensystem®:
the elegant solution to wet prep and cleanup

1. Don't hurt your back

  • The depth of the basin is ergonomically correct.
  • In accordance with one of the simplest proximity principles ("most often used, closest to hand"), items in the basin are easily reachable with minimal leaning/bending on the part of the user.
  • A deep sink results in poor usability. Since the typical vessel (glass, pot or pan) is 4-8" tall, having a basin more than 6" deep means that the user has to bend forward at the hips, which strains the lower back.
  • You don't need a deep sink; you need a tall faucet.

2. Don't waste motion

  • The available widths of the Basin are ergonomically correct.
  • Just a simple pivot or half-pace either left or right is needed to access all work product/tasks:
    • Prep:
      • pots and pans
      • chef's knives
      • mixing bowls
      • utensils
      • small appliances
      • serveware
    • Clean-up
      • dishwasher and hand-washing supplies/equipment
      • recycling pull-out(s)
      • wet food waste container(s)
      • food storage systems (for leftovers)

3. Maximize space below basin

  • Right-hand rear corner drain location concentrates plumbing in right half and rear of sink base cabinet.
  • Allows small, covered wet garbage container to attach to right hand swinging door as disposer is located at rear of sink.
  • Allows left half of sink base cabinet to accommodate:
    • two full-sized (41 liter) pull-out recycling bins under prep sink
    • One full-sized (41 liter) pull-out recycling bin under scullery sink AND
    • Customized storage systems for small scullery-related items: sponges, floor rags, DW pods, wet trash liners, etc.


  • PKS basin fits any standard sink-base cabinet, whether English or metric measurement. No custom cabinetry or modification to manufactured cabinetry necessary.
  • Standard Basins available for 36”, 42” and 48” cabinetry, with custom widths and heights available.
  • Basin drops into sink base cabinetry and is fully supported by the cabinetry front rail and cabinet sides.
    • no fasteners necessary to affix to counter
    • dry-fit counter over basin, apply sealant, set counter and tap basin into final position
    • no further work is necessary – the installation process uses gravity and physics.


All interior corners are radiused to meet NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) standards for sanitary and food-safe use.

6. Maximize counter work surface area

  • PKS accessories (Cutting Boards, Carriers and Inserts) relocate the majority of wet prep to the basin footprint, instead of spread over your counter.
  • Cutting Board rides on edge of counter opening; Carriers with Inserts ride on the basin edge, allowing them to slide completely under the Board as needed.
  • Cutting Board sits above work surface, as opposed to below or flush with it.
    • This positioning means that if your knife travels beyond the rim of the basin, it will not
      • nick the counter, or
      • damage the knife blade's cutting edge.
  • Basin floor has a shallow pitch, which provides drainage, but is flat enough to use as an additional work surface.
    • Lower work surface is great for tasks like whisking eggs, which require elbows to be more extended while allowing shoulders to stay relaxed.


  • Basins
    • PKS stainless steel Basins and Counters are heavy-gauge, type 304, bent-and-welded metal ensuring same thickness throughout.
    • Stainless steel does not corrode or degrade, ensuring long lifespan and 100% recyclability.
    • Fabricated in USA.
  • Cutting Boards
    • PKS Boards are hand-built of classic 1 ¼" thick solid maple.
    • Have integrated waterways that direct even full faucet flow into the basin.
    • Are laminated using Gudgeon Brothers Marine Epoxy. Properly maintained, they have a lifetime guarantee against delamination.
  • Carriers
    • PKS Carriers are CNC-milled and hand-finished from 1/2" bamboo plywood.
    • Bamboo is a fast-growing woody grass and is a renewable, sustainable material.
    • Bamboo products are strong, harder than many woods and water-resistant.
    • Fabricated in USA.