Premium Iroko proximity kitchensystem®

All proximity kitchensystem® Premium counters are custom fabricated in the USA. We will work with you to ensure seamless integration of our product into your kitchen design. Using the space below, email us directly at, or call us at: 480-298-1616

Premium Iroko Proximity KitchenSystem®

  • Counter is CNC-machined from a hand-laminated slab of iroko (African teak), assembled with marine epoxy.
  • 84" is the standard length; designed to fit over one 36" sink base cabinet, one 24" base cabinet and one 24" dishwasher.
  • Custom sizes 72" to 132".
  • Undermount stainless steel Proximity Basin is 16 gauge throughout (bent-and-welded vs stamped) and has all the same ergonomic advantages as the Standard basin.
  • Basins are available in nominal 36", 42" and 48" lengths and fit perfectly into standard base cabinets.  (Contact us for custom basin lengths and depths.)
  • Integral drainboards on either side allow Cutting Board to slide completely clear of Basin footprint; has additional drainage channels behind basin.
  • Works flawlessly with Premium proximity kitchensystem® Cutting Boards, Carriers and Inserts.
  • Fabricated in Clarkston, Michigan.

  • Premium Iroko Proximity KitchenSystem® Package includes:

    • 1 Premium Cutting Board.
    • 2 Premium bamboo Carriers (1/3 and 1/2 sizes, or customer's choice).
    • 4 stainless steel Gastronorm pans (1/3 size 2" deep, 1/3 size 4" deep, 1/2 size 2" deep, 1/2 size 1 1/4" deep perforated; or customer's choice).  We provide only Vollrath® pans as Inserts due to their consistent high quality.

    The package provides the essential elements you would normally use on a daily basis at lower cost than purchase of these items individually.  


    We recommend John Boos Mystery Oil for care and maintenance of our wood products.

  • Dimensions for standard-length counter:
    36" - 33-3/4" x 17" x 5" basin, 84" x 26" x 2-1/4" counter
    42" - 39-3/4" x 17" x 5" basin, 84" x 26" x 2-1/4" counter
    48" - 45-3/4" x 17" x 5" basin, 84" x 26" x 2-1/4" counter